Chanukah Program



The program is led by our qualified educators who enthusiastically help create a meaningful experience for the participants*.
They cover all the bases, from hosting the video conferences to leading the educational sessions to even placing the participants' notes into the Western Wall - all live, in real time.
The Western Wall Heritage Foundation is pleased to invite you for a festive candle-lighting and special broadcast with the Western Wall.
The programs include:
1.    Teacher Resource Packet about Chanukah, Jerusalem, and the Western Wall. This is sent to the teacher/group leader in advance of the live broadcast and contains:
a.    Educational materials for the teacher about Jerusalem and the Western Wall and its connection to the holiday
b.    Lesson plan for the project/activity related to the holiday
c.    "Petek" (notes) sheets - ready made notes for students to write their requests on. These will be scanned & emailed back to be printed out for your guide, which will then be placed among the ancient stones of the Western Wall during the broadcast
2.    Guided program the day of the live broadcast which includes
• Welcome and opening program from a Western Wall guide
• Presentation of class project/activity
• Broadcast of Menorah Lightning happening at the Western Wall Plaza
• Placing of students’ notes into the Western Wall
• And more
*The program can be adapted to various age groups and audiences.

Please contact  for more information.
• Length of program, day of broadcast: 45 min
• Cost: $250

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