Old City of Jerusalem Tours

Old Jerusalem Tours

  • Customized Tours

    Customized Tours

    Looking for a unique activity for your employees? Join us for a exciting, adventurous tour designed for groups. Tours are fun and enjoyable, and include educational aspects. Every tour on our list can be amended to the areas of interest and specific needs of group members.

  • Stones with a Human Heart

    Stones with a Human Heart

    Discover the stories behind the stones and feel them come to life  in a magical tour in historical Jerusalem.

  • Guardians of the Wall

    Guardians of the Wall

    Join a tour honoring the guardians of Jerusalem from 1948 to 1967. Hear stories of rare bravery during the battle for Jerusalem and the Jewish Quarter. Come get inspired.

  • Segway

    Moving Towards the Heart- Segway and foot tour

    A unique experience awaits you: a Segway & foot tour from Mishkenot Sha'ananim to the heart of the Old City, tracing the longing for Jerusalem to its realization.

  • Two Halves Make a Whole

    Two Halves Make a Whole

    Love the views and scenery of Jerusalem? Come experience all that has changed in the city since the Six-Day War, in a special tour for those who enjoy breathtaking scenery and hiking. Explore the once divided city, walking along the line that separated East and West Jerusalem from 1948-1969.

  • Alleyways

    Whispers of Secret Alleyways

    Listen to magical alleyways of Mishkenot Sha’ananim and Yemin Moshe neighborhoods as they whisper the story of the people and events that shaped the face of the city.


A tour of the Old City of Jerusalem includes prayers at the Western Wall, many churches and museums that make it an exciting and insatiable journey from it. The Old City of Jerusalem is filled with a long history of the Jewish people and attracts many people all over the world.
A tour of the Old City of Jerusalem for groups and families is known as a unique and exciting trip and the unique historical findings and antiques discovered in the Old City of Jerusalem are an exciting points of intrest.
The Western Wall Heritage Foundation invites you to tour the Old City of Jerusalem with your friends and families!