General Western Wall Procedures

Regulations for the Rabbi Getz Synagogue


Purposes for use of the synagogue:

•The synagogue is meant only for prayer and not for lectures or events.
•Shacharit services will take place at Netz by Rabbi Getz’, zz”l, students from Yeshivat Hamekubalim Beit El.
•Prayers of Tikkun Chatzot will take place by the Mekubal Rabbi Benayahu Shmueli and other rabbis.
•Prayers of grooms on the day of their wedding
•Bar Mitzvah prayers for donors of over $10,000 to the Western Wall Heritage Foundation
•Bar Mitzvah prayers on days of extreme weather conditions, on the basis of availability and contingent on access that does not disturb Western Wall Tunnels tours
•Bar Mitzvah events with participants necessitating security
•Prayers in times of distress with advanced registration
•Prayers on days when the central prayer plaza is closed

Terms of use:

•The prayers will be in accordance to the laws and customs of the Western Wall prayer plaza.
•The women’s section is limited to approximately 8 women.
•The site has a capacity of up to 30 people in accordance with safety regulations.
•Extraordinary cases must get approval from the Western Wall Heritage Foundation ceremony committee.

To contact the ceremony committee and to coordinate an event: