General Western Wall Procedures

Regulations for Beyond Our Wall


Purposes for use:

• The hall is mainly meant for educational activities of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation, such as the scribe project, lessons, and lectures.
• WWHF events such as Torah scroll dedications, donor appreciation events, events for employees
• Events for purposes of marketing or publicizing WWHF activities
• Events for official institutions of the State of Israel (IDF, Israel police, etc.)
• Personal events for donors who donated over $36,000 to the WWHF
• The Foundation will allow use of Beyond Our Wall to Yeshivat Netiv Arieh or to Aish Hatorah in return for use of their halls by the Foundation.
• No political events will take place at the site.
• No private events of any WWHF employees will take place at the site.

Terms of Use:

• The hall a capacity of up to 150 people according to regulations of the fire department.
• The events will be in accordance to the spirit of the site as is suitable to the remnant of our Temple – the Western Wall.
• All events will be in accordance to regulations of the Foundation as is suitable to the site, such as: kashrut, dress code, etc.
• Precondition for holding an event: The program for the event must be sent in for approval at least 5 working days ahead of time to the Foundation’s Ceremony Committee in charge of approving the event. The committee can determine changes necessary for approval.

To contact the ceremony committee and to coordinate an event: