General Western Wall Procedures

Shaarei Tshuva Synagogue


The “Great Hall Synagogue” across the “nidbach raba”, the largest stone in the Western Wall, is a prayer site.  Until work is completed on solving acoustic issues, prayer will not be possible during times of guided tours in the Western Wall Tunnels.

As a rule, prayer services at the site will be run by the Western Wall Heritage Foundation.


  1. The synagogue will hold “netz hachama” (early morning) services initiated by the Western Wall Heritage Foundation that will be over up to 40 minutes after netz (with no obligation to do this daily).
  2. There will be a Shacharit “netz hachama” service on Shabbat.
  3. Kabbalat Shabbat services will be held only as part of educational programs of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation.
  4. Prayer services will be held here if the central Western Wall plaza is closed.
  5. Women’s prayer will be held only in case of stormy weather outside on days when there is an “aliya laTorah” (during morning hours when the women’s section in Wilson’s Arch is full and used for bar mitzvahs).
  6. The synagogue will hold classes and educational activities on weekdays, shabbat, and holidays only as part of the educational programming of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation.
  7. Bar Mitzvah services can be held here for donors who have donated over $36,000 to the Foundation (if use of another Foundation hall is made, the donation should be at least $54,000.)

In such a case, options for holding prayers here are as follows:

On weekdays, the prayer services will be at “netz hachama” and will conclude up to 40 minutes after netz.

On Shabbat, the service will be held following the regular netz service.


Rules of Use:

  1. Prayer services will be conducted in accordance to the halachot customary at the Western Wall prayer plaza.
  2. No political, business, or marketing event allowed.
  3. The site can hold up to 150 people in accordance to safety regulations.
  4. Exceptional cases may get approval from the ceremony committee of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation.

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